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We find you the best mobile dog groomer in Carnegie and South Eastern Suburbs!

They will keep your best friend feeling pampered and clean with their gentle dog washing, grooming and maintenance;
They treat your dog like our own, and are never ‘ruff’.
​Our team of experienced animal lovers find you a dog groomer that will have your pet feeling like a rock star, no shih-tzu.

Regular dog washing and grooming is a great way to maintain your pets health and hygiene which means a happier pooch. Dogs can often have irritants stuck in their fur or skin which can be easily avoided with regular hygiene and helps avoid unnecessary and costly trips to the vet. We can help take care of you and your fluffy family member, while you both kick back and relax with one of our recommended dog groomers.

Pre Brush for Detangling

Brushing before a wash helps remove any tangled fur and loosen any dirt or foreign matter from their coat, making the wash more thorough which in turn will make your dog look quite fetching. Our recommended dog groomers want to make sure that your dog is given the best wash possible and the pre-brush helps this process.

Full Body Clip

From short back and sides to light coat maintenance your dog will be looking good enough for the cover of Dog’s Life magazine! As well as the clipping and scissoring of your dog’s coat , special attention is also paid to trim their little paws, under their tail, and of course around their face and ears. Our dog groomers offer expert advice but are ultimately guided by you, so please let them know how much to take off and which areas to focus on. We find that the happiest dogs have the happiest owners!

Gentle Ears and Eyes Clean

A dogs ears need to be kept dry during washing. If water gets into a dogs ears it can be difficult to clean out and increases the risk of infection. If your dog is prone to frequent ear infections, an ear cleaning could be of benefit. Our dog groomers are always mindful of your dogs eyes and use a sponge to wipe down the face without shampoo and make sure your dogs eyes are mucus-free to prevent infection.

Warm Water Massage Wash

Dogs enjoy a warm water bath rather than cold water and they deserve a happy and stress free experience. Your pet is gently cleaned and verbal encouragement and treats are used to reward good behavior. When the warm water massage wash is finished you’re dog will take to water like a fish.

Organic Shampoo

Does your pet have itchy, greasy or flaky skin? No need to worry, our pet experts know exactly what kind of natural organic shampoo your dog requires. Only the best products are used that are gentle on your dogs skin and leaves a beautiful looking coat.

Nail Clipping

Your dogs nails need to be trimmed regularly to prevent them from being caught on objects; if nails are left too long without being trimmed they can also scratch you or your family members. Regular trimming also ensures there is no bleeding when cutting the nails, as ‘the quick’ or blood vessels remain receded. This means your dog will always be happy and content having his nails trimmed.

Towel and Blow-drying

All drying is cage-free, giving your pup that “hands on” high level service. This is then followed up by a low heat blow dry.

Complete Brush and Comb

Every wash is finished with a total brush and comb, leaving your friend feeling silky smooth and amazing.

Bow and Treat

Little spots and stains seem to multiply and take over your entire floor! Whether you have a single spot that needs immediate attention or a build up of drops and spills we can send our recommended expert around to take care of it! ​Our team won’t judge and know how to get the job done!
We all know that dogs are mans best friend, so treat your best friend to the full service package with the best mobile dog groomers in town!

We know you are busy that’s why our trusty dog grooming professionals come to you!
We have all corners of Melbourne covered but the main areas focused on are Bentleigh, Carnegie, Caulfield, Chadstone, Elsternwick, Gardenvale, Glen Huntly, Hughesdale, McKinnon, Malvern, Murrumbeena, Oakleigh, Ormond, Springvale. We know all the best dog groomers in the whole South Eastern Suburbs!